cropped-frank1.jpgHi, my name is Frank.

I’ve worked in (governmental) public relations, media relations, social media and communications for 17 years.  Prior to that, I worked in radio and advertising a number of years in the private sector (yeah, I’ve been around the block a time or two).

Nearly all of the jobs I’ve held during my career have involved writing, which I enjoy doing and which–if I do say so myself–I can do fairly well.

This blog began as a class project but I thought, why not run with it and have fun with it?

So if you’re still with me here, you’ll be reading about my career adventures, misadventures, impressions, random thoughts and some advice.  Some from within the field of communications and some not.

Oh yeah, I’m not just a professional communicator.  I have a life (at least I like to think I do).  I’m married, have a son and a dog, I’m a veteran, and I’m a Christian.

By the way, thanks for reading.



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